Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation: Wage Loss Benefits

If you have sustained an injury while in the course and scope of your employment and missed time off from work, you are entitled to various benefits under the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Law for that wage loss. There are two types of wage loss under the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Act.

The first is what is called Temporary Total Disability benefits, or what we call TTD. What temporary total disability is, is we take what you are making at the time of the injury and you get 2/3 of that. The reason why you only get 2/3 is all workers’ compensation benefits are non-taxable. The theory is that Uncle Sam steals 1/3 of your gross wages and if you get 2/3 non-taxable you should theoretically come home the same. Now, there are caps or limits dependent upon the date of your injury for high-wage earners, but for the vast majority people, you get 2/3 of your wages when you are completely off work.

On the other hand, if you are working but unfortunately you are earning less money, you are entitled to a different type of wage loss. This wage loss is called Temporary Partial Disability, or TPD. What we do for temporary partial disability is we take what you are making at the time of the injury and we subtract what you are making now and of the difference, you are entitled to 2/3.

For example, if you were making $1,000 per week at the time of your injury but are only able to earn $400 a week working part time at a new job having lost your job due to your injury. We would take the $1,000 per week that you were earning, subtract the $400 that you are currently making, and of the difference, $600, you would get 2/3, or $400 to supplement your current income. Again, that benefit is non-taxable so that if you combine the earnings from both the current employer plus the workers’ compensation temporary partial disability you should theoretically come home with approximately the same amount.

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